Korg N264/N364 Pitstop

June 8, 2022

[Mailing lists] Added a searchable complete message log containing every message ever sent through the N-list, from the first on 1997-11-16 to the last on 2016-01-02.

[Site] Removed outdated information, especially considering the no longer active mailing lists.

[Site] Replaced the old non-working search form with a link to DuckDuckGo.

April 11, 2017

[Site] Removed the links page since it was horribly outdated - most of the links were long dead.

Feb 1, 2009

[Downloads] New content, finally! A nice fellow on the N-list sent me Korg's N264/N364 Service Manual in PDF format a (pretty long) while ago, and I have actually managed to make it available here on the Pitstop today. Yay me! Hehe.

Jan 29, 2006

[Downloads] Finally added the N264/N364 manuals (in PDF format)!

[Downloads] Updated the link to Korg's Free PCG Disks

May 10, 2003

[Site] This site has now moved to pitstop.kenjin.net!

[Site] Renamed the Comments section to Contact

[Contact] Added a submission mail address and a link to the FAQ

Feb 1, 2003

[Site] Updates for 2003

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