Korg N264/N364 Pitstop


N-Edit-Pro N-Edit-Pro at SoundTower
A full-fledged shareware N264/N364 editor and librarian:
  • Program edit
  • Combination edit
  • Effect edit
  • Drum kit edit
  • Global setting edit
  • Program and combination librarian
  • Drum sound librarian
  • AI2 synthesis effect librarian
  • And more...
N-Edit-Pro can be downloaded from the SoundTower website.


PCG to Text Download [51 kb]
Displays the contents of a PCG as text. Can do a full parameter listing or list only the names of the programs and combinations.

Developer:Greg Babineau
Version:1.31 alpha (1999-01-09)

PCGViewer Download [155 kb]
Graphical front-end to PCG to Text.

Developer:Keving Chong
Platform:Windows 9x/NT
Version:1.0 beta (1998-10-03)

Korg Nx64 File Editor Download [64 kb]
Graphical PCG and PST editor. Can be used to view PCG and PST parameters. Editing functionality hasn't been added yet.

Developer:Peter Lazarus
Platform:Windows 9x/NT
Version:0.91 (1998-10-23)

PCGCreate Download [247 kb]
Graphical PCG librarian. Can be used to create a favorite PCG using programs and combinations from other PCG's.

Developer:Tolga Tekin
Platform:Windows 9x/NT
Version:1.05 beta (1999-03-07)

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