Korg N264/N364 Pitstop

In the following songs, an N264/N364 has provided some or all of the sounds.


Dave Rich Dave Rich at MP3.com

Songs by Dave Rich, who uses an N364 as his main instrument.

Also check his website.

David Scollin David Scollin at MP3.com

Songs by David Scollin. Everything except the saxophone, clarinet and recorder was done on an N364.

"Evening Haze" Download [3846 kb]

Slow jazz.

Author:Kenneth Jonsson
N264/N364:98% (not the snare)

Eric Belrose Eric Belrose at MP3.com

Songs by Eric Belrose, all made using an N364.

"Futurama Title Latin Remix" Download [2274 kb]

My tribute to the great cartoon "Futurama"!

Author:Kenneth Jonsson
N264/N364:95% (not the trumpet)

"Irrational" Download [7157 kb]

Retro synth.

Author:Alexei Korennykh

Kool South Kool South at MP3.com

Songs by the India based group Kool South. Ballads, love songs & rock. They're using an N364 as the main and only keyboard.

"Lime Garden" Download [5640 kb]


Author:Kenneth Jonsson
N264/N364:90% (not the drums)

Marc Ellis Marc Ellis at MP3.com

Songs by Marc Ellis.

Milan Kolarovic Homepage
Below is a link to the theme song for "World War II Memoirs", Milan's 2nd place video entry at the Wild Demo competition held at the Assembly 2001 multimedia festival. The video is a shocking display of the faces of war and placed 2nd in the competition. The video can be downloaded from Milan's homepage.

"World War II Memoirs Theme"

Other songs by Milan:

"Millennium of the Moonbears (Asm'01 Mix)"
"Adagio for Freedom"
"Landmark of Lullabies"
"Millennium of the Moonbears"

Milan Kolarovic (aka Acumen) at IUMA.com

Sami I Saarnio FTP directory
Songs written by Sami I Saarnio, who uses a Korg N364 for everything except guitars.

Samrat Bharadwaj Samrat Bharadwaj at MP3.com

Songs by Samrat Bharadwaj - SPYCAM. Very original synthetic trance tracks.

"Space Curve" Download [5858 kb]

Demo extract (not the whole song). Acid.

Author:Kenneth Jonsson

SpinAround SpinAround at MP3.com

Songs by the group SpinAround. Features an N364 played by Alan Moore.

Thomas Bernard Thomas Bernard at MP3.com

Two MP3's made using an N364:

"The Peaceful Warrior" found on The Catalyst page at MP3.com. Everything including sequencing done on an N364.

"Ladie's Night - Opening Theme" found on Thomas Bernard's page at MP3.com. Everything except the saxophone done on an N364.

"Zero Impression" Download [3144 kb]

Melancholic synthetic fusion.

Author:Kenneth Jonsson
N264/N364:100% - SNG available on this site

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